Wanderlust is an awful and awesome disease….

As I sit here at 4 am, my wanderlust is getting the best of me. I got a wanderlust tattoo for God’s sake it is getting bad…. Why am I working two jobs, taking 22 hrs worth of classes, and not getting enough sleep? Oh yea. I want to pay off debt so I can travel the world. I plan on travelling extensively after I graduate in a year/year and a half. So as I sit at this desk looking at my favorite travel blogs my wanderlust is getting the best of me. However, I am determined to get my dual bachelors and maybe even my masters since, Taylor is getting hers. As soon as I get the chance, I am travel hacking some more miles and taking my butt to Australia or New Zealand, maybe even Bora Bora. (even though all these places exchange rates are terrible or the same). My Ex. Recon Marine friend who has taught me a lot about being who you want to be (Bodhi Ronin – http://www.roninquest.org/index.html ). He has really helped push me to the decision of going along with Carin and Ridlon Kiphart of The Adventure Couple. Within the next 3 years I plan to:

No place I would rather be!
No place I would rather be!
  1. Get my dual Bachelors degrees.
  2. Go to graduate school and start my Master’s.
  3. Become SCUBA Instructor certified.
  4. Travel hack some miles to have free travel.
  5. Get married to my beautiful fiancé’ Taylor.
  6. Obtain a working holiday visa for Australia.
  7. Pay off most/all of student loans.
  8. Make time for adventure.
  9. Ride 1000 miles on a bike!
  10. Go hike the Grand Canyon before I graduate and the PCT after I graduate.
My new tattoo
My new tattoo. Don’t mind the purple around it that came off.

This is it! I am going to do this no matter what anyone has to say. If it means leaving friends or family in order to pursue my dream I DON’T CARE I AM A DETERMINED PERSON! (sorry caps lock got stuck)… I am tired of just getting by, doing the minimum, working to just pay bills and not have any money to do the things I want to do. This is stupid that we have to work overtime or two jobs just to finance cars, houses, weddings, etc. Why can’t we work one job and have everything we need to live. It is ridiculous! I mean if I can only make $1000 a month I can travel abroad extensively. That is less than I pay for rent on the house I am renting now… The only thing stopping me is my degree and Taylor’s degree. Soon enough it will be here.

Always Adventurous,

Jacob Fail