“Why We Do What We Do & How We Do It”

So you’re wondering, how you can you “Break Free” from your fortune 500 cubicle job that you work 40-50 hours a week for 20 years in order to buy things you don’t need and will not fill your void that travel will. Right? All people have a small thing called curiosity within all of them. I mean how would Thomas Edison have come up with the light bulb without having some sort of curiosity of what can I do to capture lighting into a small glass bulb. Also thanks to Benjamin Franklin for his curiosity and bravery to fly a kite in a storm to prove his point. You can do anything or be anything you want to be. Sometimes in failure you find success. I mean it took Edison 1000 tries before he succeeded. Taylor and I came from small towns in the middle of nowhere. So, no we are not trust fund babies, rich, or even really have money at all, but we afford to travel using unique saving tips and minimizing what we spend our money on. Also using Kayak.com to find cheap flights and we stay with friends or at hostels. Airbnb.com is also a great way to find accommodations for long term stay. So, if you are happy with your job keep it. If not then quit. I have worked several jobs that I hated in order to pay bill and buy things that I didn’t need. I was a recycling assistant working for minimum wage at one point in my life…. None of that stuff mattered to me because I would buy a new car or the best clothes money could buy, and what did that do? Nothing… It did not help me become more successful or make me feel happy. Then I stumbled upon our mentor’s page “www.live-adventurously.com”. That is when I decided I wanted to have a fun job where I could play all day in the ocean and travel 24/7. They have been our saving grace with helping us figure out how to minimize our bills and overhead, and how to get jobs around the world.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean
Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Do you have what it takes? Do you love to travel? Do you hate going to work on Monday mornings? Is seeing new sights something you want to do all year long instead of just in the two vacation weeks that you are given by your bosses? My mother and grandpa always told me to do something you love and you will never work a day in your life. So I am. Pay off your debt because it is the only thing stopping you from traveling other than “fear of the unknown”. I understand people have responsibilities that you have to go attend, but some things can be minimized. Are you in an organization that takes a lot of your life? Can you quit or do it and your job remotely? Do you have kids? Take a year off work and travel around the world and homeschool your kids, I promise it will make a major difference in their lives. My college roommate grew up in Honduras with his family and he was the nicest guy. He was really smart, so smart he even quit college and is making 6 figures in Oregon now. Also because he lived in another country he became a more competitive, marketable, candidate, because he could speak Spanish very well and related well with other races, religions, and genders. He was cultural, which in turn, made him valuable. Ever since I was young my parents always traveled so I got the travel bug early in life. So far we have been to 10 countries and 32 states! I love travelling and wouldn’t trade it for the world! My mom is an entrepreneur who is the dreaded “tax lady”, but the perks of her owning her own business she works all of tax season and travels the rest of the year. She uses…. CREDIT CARDS. Don’t let this freak you out. 0% apr + 20,000-100,000 bonus sign up miles with $1,000-10,000 worth of purchases in the first 3 months. (LOOK FOR DEALS AND OFFERS). Also, if you find a card that pays double or five times the amount of miles then you can get more bang for your buck. Chris Guillebeau, one of Carin and Ridlon’s mentors has great tips on travel hacking on his blog. He once bought $1000 worth of $1 coins from the US mint, and then wheeled them into the bank in a shopping cart. (Creative I know). So, therefore anything you want you can obtain! You just have to go for it.


I’ve always heard this metaphor: On our gravestone we only have two dates- the day we were born and the day we die. In between is a tiny dash that represents your life. Every thing you have done or accomplished. Don’t regret not doing something. Asking out a girl in high school? Going to someone’s wedding? Having kids? Traveling? What does your dash say about you? How are you using this dash? Are you using it wisely? Here is an awesome video that helped me:


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Also, they could have gone further after the sand and poured two glasses of wine in…. Because no matter how full your life is there is always room for a couple of glasses of wine.

With that being said, if travel is important to you then travel, if kids are important then be a parent, you are what you make of yourself. Don’t waste life doing something you hate. Please enjoy it with the people around you because you never know how much time they have left.

Always Adventurous,

Jacob & Taylor Fail