How to Travel Miami for 5 days and spend less than $500!!!


First of all, Hello from Miami! We are living like kings and queens for super cheap. My friend/big brother in my fraternity from college moved down here a few years ago, and conveniently we are staying on his couch for the couple days we are here. Originally, Taylor and I budgeted for $800 for 5 days (including flights from New Orleans). Around January, we (my fiancé and I) started having wanderlust withdrawals. We were wanting to go somewhere tropical for spring break, so we started to brainstorm ideas. So I started looking for flights on I found a $67 flight per person for Miami. After mentioning it to my awesome travel-hacking mother, she suggested checking Southwest Airlines. So obviously mother always knows best. The price on Southwest was $1 more but with the bonus of having two free checked bags per person (4 in total). That was a no brainer. So, we got lucky and only paid $272 for two people round trip flights.

Awesome time in Miami!
Awesome time in Miami!


After booking the flight, I called RJ Diving Center in Miami to book a Scuba diving excursion for us. Unfortunately, the weather was forecast to be bad the day we were going to go resulting in getting $220 refunded back to us from the dive shop. Since we couldn’t go scuba diving, we decided to go free diving (since we had our fins and masks, it was free) at Blue Heron Bridge, which is about 8-10ft deep and has a sunken speed boat and other various objects. We borrowed our friends car, filled it up with gas since we were going to be using it all day and set out for the bridge to dive. Being tourists, we got lost a few times but eventually found the place to park. The park happened to be right at the water’s edge. Once in the water, we followed the underwater trail of the rocks, being careful to keep our dive flag close and avoid any other boats or divers. We were able to identify a Spotted Eagle Ray, a Yellow-Spotted Skate, a 3 ft. Barracuda, and a pipefish (which happens to be a cousin of the seahorse). We were looking for sea horses under the bridge when we spotted the barracuda, which darted into the darkness of the bridge’s shadow. Deciding to play it safe, we returned to the shoreline instead of chancing the strong Atlantic current that was under the bridge.


Cuban Food!

The 2 hours of free diving really took a lot of energy out of us. In order to refuel and sit in some air-conditioning, we decided to go to DON RAMON (an authentic Cuban restaurant). The frozen lemonade, unsweet tea, chicken noodle soup, breaded chicken breast with french fries, and Sandwich Cubano was the best thing since sliced bread and it was all together under $25. We went down the road to this nice little zoo (Palm Beach Zoo) that was only $18 per person and saw 2 beautiful Malaysian tigers that had just recently been transferred to the zoo the day before. After 2 hours at the zoo (with some not so awesome smells from the animals), we decide that ice cream is the best way to beat 80ª F heat. We headed over to Palm Beach (into the rich side of town) to get some ice cream. After getting lost a few times (being tourists), we finally found “Sloans”. We were able to park for free because the meter had some minutes left on it from the previous person. The ice cream at Sloans was mouth-watering, but the most intriguing part of the ice cream shop was the bathroom. YES, I SAID THE BATHROOM. The bathroom door was completely clear glass, but when you turned the door knob up and locked the door, the complete door goes cloudy making it difficult for people to see through it. It was the coolest and weirdest thing I have ever seen. And yes, I videoed the changing color door just for proof and amusement…

My yacht...

After eating ice cream, we took a quick walk over to the pier to look at my future yacht. Just kidding! I wish I could afford the yachts we saw. There was one named after the James Bond movie “Skyfall”, which is not like the original James Bond movies. It happened to be one of the most amazing yachts I had seen the entire trip. People in Boca Roatan and Miami have a ridiculous amount of money, because since we have been here we have seen 200 + luxury cars, 100 mansions, luxury watches and more. We even stayed in a place that had an indoor racquetball court, pool, pool table, hot tub, sauna, and gym. It was awesome!

The day before we left I was contacted by Vicky from Buddy the Traveling Monkey. We were fortunate enough to meet her for for dinner at Bonefish grill and talk about our travels. It was great to meet someone who shared our same passion and who had experience from different parts of the world that we have not been. Hopefully, we will see her at TBEX in October. She was a great lady!

Dinner with friends :)
Dinner with friends 🙂

Overall Miami was amazing, and we only spent $500. 🙂

Flights: $272

Zoo: $36

Alcohol: $50

Food and misc groceries: $110

Gas: $30

Parking: Free

Housing: Free

Total: $498 for the trip from when we left New Orleans till when we got back.

Always Adventurous,

Jacob and Taylor Fail